Here’s how it works. Every time someone plays a major label artist's song in Music Monsters, the game randomly recommends an indie song from the same genre to play next. When fans play your song, the game will:

  • Use fun gameplay to imprint your song with new fans
  • Encourage new fans to buy your songs at iTunes
  • Let fans Facebook post & Tweet about your music

Plus, we pay you when your fans download the FREE game



Tap Into Music Monsters To Promote Your Music & Make More $

Music Monsters combines your music with our patented game technology to create game levels and associated In-app Purchases for one or more of your songs. To maximize your promotional exposure, we let everyone play your game level(s) three times for free. So EVERYONE playing the game can:

  • Discover your music
  • LIKE you on Facebook
  • Buy your songs on iTunes
  • Tell their friends about your music
  • Challenge friends to beat their score
  • Buy your game levels


Your Score Screen Is Your Gateway to Fan Engagement



Music Monsters Creates New Game Revenues for You
  • We showcase your song by letting gamers play it 3 times for free. Fans can then purchase your game level as a $0.99 In-App Purchase to unlock unlimited play. Apple pays us $0.70 and we send 100% to you.
  • Plus, we pay you when your fans download the FREE game.
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